Monthly Archives: April 2011

La Colombe, a company we support

We, CEED, support drives, endeavors, businesses, organizations and so forth that stand for Fair Trade, sustainability, helping the under-developed world.  One company I, Jared, have recently been made aware of is La Colombe.

La Colombe is based out of Philadelphia, and have recently began selling a coffee that is near and dear to my heart.  Haiti – Blue Forest is not a blend, as the rest of the coffees at La Colombe, but rather a pure coffee straight from the mountains in South Western Haiti.  It’s bean can be traced back to the first fruit cultivated outside of Ethiopia, and it grown semi-wild.  The coffee is Fair Trade certified and meets La Colombe’s 5 Principles.  Their standard for ethics is truly appreciable.

Their code of ethics is something we wish more companies would follow.  Take a look at the ethics link to see what their 5 principles (Fairness, Longevity, Opportunity, Water, and Strictly Earth Conscious) stand for.

Here is their video of Todd, one of the two founders, traveling in Haiti, up into the mountains to find the coffee and the growers as well as walking through some tent cities.