The Refinement

So, starting an NGO is a LOT harder than we imagined. 😀 Go figure, right?

So, we’ve decided to take a more long term approach. Jani and I, since we are still in school, are going to take the classes here at the University about non-profit work, we’re in one of the classes right now. This way, we can learn and implement.

We’ll use our resources at hand, professors and the non-profit center, to help us get off the ground.

We’ve had to scrub the Spring trip due to high flight prices, a lack of organization on our part, and the aforementioned realization that this is harder than we first thought.

We appreciate all of your support as we continue this effort.

Have no fear, we are NOT, I repeat, NOT giving up. We’re going to refine ourselves, our mission, our drive, and become more efficient and organized.

Please, email us with any questions, comments of support, suggestions, help, links, or anything. We’d love to hear from you all who read this!

CEED Staff
Jared Krauss


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