The New Year!

Hey guys,

It’s a new year, a time for change.  If you’re looking to make a difference in the world, whether it’s just smiling to strangers on the street, saying, “Hi.”, or giving that guy on the corner an extra buck, we’re right there with you.

We at CEED want to encourage you to take the extra time to think about something you can do to make the people around you happier, to live a less stressful life.  Here in America, especially, we tend to live such fast-paced, all go type lives.  Well, take a step back, have a seat for a change.  You’re only getting older (not that I need to remind you, or me).  Slow your jam down a bit.

If you’re really looking to have an impact outside of your normal routine, think about linking up with us here at CEED.  We are definitely looking for new people who want to join up with us.  As you can see over at our “Current Projects” page, we’re planning a trip to Haiti in March.  We’d love if you wanted to come along.  This is the kind of trip where, if you’ve never done any volunteer work outside of America, or you haven’t ever really traveled, then you should come along.  Don’t get discouraged though if you’re the seasoned traveler, or volunteer.  We’d definitely appreciated your experience.

However, if getting on an airplane and flying a few thousand miles to another country isn’t your cup of tea, help us out with money.  We have to fund all of these trips and service projects and can ALWAYS use financial support.  Even just twenty dollars.  Can you sacrifice one dinner out this week to send twenty dollars our way?  Take the time to make a meal and sit down with family or friends to enjoy their company.

We don’t have our bank or pay-pal just set up yet, but it’s definitely in the works.  So, if you want to donate, please get in contact with us directly at
Thanks again for reading.  Remember, you can do so much to make a change in the world, there is no reason you can’t start right now in your hometown, in your work place, at your school.  Take a risk and try a smile.



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