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Hey! Update!

Just wanted to let you know that we are beginning to get organized for our charity dinner and other fundraisers to fund our first trip to Haiti in March.


We are looking for 3-5 other volunteers willing to go with us.  Also, we are looking for members to join CEED to help with the fundraisers and to volunteer, and possibly go on trips later in the future. More on that at a later date.


If you’d be interested in helping us with anything, please email us and state specifically how or what you could do. Email us:


Thanks much! Happy New Year!!


CEED Staff,



Enjoy your break from college guys! Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! Happy New Year!

CEED – Update 12/14

Hey guys!  We at CEED are working on getting our by-laws written (articles, articles of incorporation, constitution, whichever you prefer).  Another step to completion and finalization of CEED.

Also, we are beginning to formulate ideas for our first few fundraisers.  One of the more prominent ideas is a Charitable Dinner where we would invite members of the community (University faculty and staff, local politicians, businessmen/women, etc.) to buy a plate at our dinner, which we hope would be supported by local restaurants and also be able to serve alcohol.  We have been thinking about locations: Hotel Vetro, Sheraton, IMU.  If you have any ideas, or would be interested in helping us out in any capacity, please get in contact with us at our email, or on our Facebook page, just search “CEED”.

CEED Staff


We are working on getting our bank account set up so that we can start taking donations. We plan to start doing fundraising after break starts, as well as recruiting members. We’re going to Haiti in March!


Hey guys, we are just getting our feet off the ground. We’re a student run non-profit out of Iowa City, Iowa. CEED stands for Children Education Empowerment Development. Keep your eye out for more information from us to you in … Continue reading


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