Mission Statement

We at CEED are all extremely independent people. We always try to look forward, how can we help this person? How can we solve this problem?

That is why CEED was created, to help people. We want to make contacts throughout the world. Not just contacts, but friends, relationships. We want to use those contacts to find problems that people have, find issues they need help with. We think it is our responsibility to lend a hand.

We’re not trying to do these things so that we can say, “Hey! Look what CEED has done!” Rather, we want to help everyone else be able to say, “Look what I’ve done.” That way, we can say, “Look what you’ve done!”

We want to use these contacts to find other NGOs, schools, groups, churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, etc. that are helping people. We then want to ask those entities what is a need you have, a single project that would help you further your mission, bring you closer to your goal? Complete that, and then ask again, what needs do you have now? How can we help?


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